Top 3 Smart Watches

Top 3 Smart Watches in October 2016 - July 2020

The least important thing that a watch does is to tell time.

A good smartwatch is about how much more it can offer and about how it does it. And considering that in the world that we live in today, 95% of watch buyers are men, the best smart watches have to address their utmost needs. It should give the ultimate watch experience; not only tell the time but also keep the important notifications straight in your list and even control and run the native apps.

What is even more intriguing about smartphones is that they can perform a ton of other tricks such as enabling you to search the internet by issuing voice commands, tracking your exercise patterns through a GPS and can even let you check out of the grocery store without having to use your wallet.

Top 3 smart watches in October 2016

Samsung Gear S2
Samsung Gear S2 is by far the best smartwatch in the markets. It has around design and a clever rotating bezel. It has a Tizen OS which is polished and works with many android phones. Aesthetically, it’s a pleasant square watch and the perfect choice for you if you are an android user; it rocks the steel case and the leather band and is much more affordable than the competing smartwatches.

Apple watch

If you get past the price of this watch, you will have a beautifully constructed and convenient smart watch. Despite being a year old, this watch is still the best in the market with hundreds of applications, a fitness tracker, the ability to handle unlimited messages, the ability to receive and send phone calls and a store of music for local playback over Bluetooth. However, this phone battery only lasts a day. However, the Apple watch remains the most best designed and capable smartwatch that is soon to become a must have product.

Moto 360

Motos latest smart watch is an item of beauty. It is beautifully designed, has improved performance, fits comfortably, as is compatible to iphones. It is beautifully designed for display on your wrist; with it’s round, black, big and sleek design. Moto360 is a smartwatch that has been designed to actually look like a watch. It comes with a small black bar that is a light sensor meant to adjust the screen brightness, a chamfered edge meant to ring the display and two beveled edges that lead to the outer wall of the body. It has a brushed steel band that makes the sides to make it the best looking and best feeling smartwatch with a weight of only 2.2 ounces.


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