Samsung Gear S2 - November 2019

Samsung Gear S2 - November 2019

The Samsung Gear S2 is a sleek and appealing, smart watch and fitness tracker that comes in a few different styles so you can choose the band that you like the most.

What sets this fitness band apart from similar products is that you can use it not just to monitor your daily steps and heart rate, but also to interact with your phone. You can get weather updates, reply to texts, manage your music, and view phone notifications. It’s easy to interact with the device just by turning the bezel.

The Samsung Gear S2 can be worn for almost any occasion because you can change the faces to look classic, fun or sporty, and the bands can be changed too. This has a double benefit because it means that people can replace the bands if they get damaged.

The Samsung Gear S2 has some great apps that come with it, so you can track your activity level, monitor your heart rate, and even track things like your water and caffeine intake. The device can be set up to give you notifications and motivational messages throughout the day, reminding you to drink water or get moving.

The Gear S2 is a useful device with a decent selection of sensors and good app integration. It is ideal for people who want to get fit and stay active, and who are interested in having the best gadgets too. The combination of handy features, sleek aesthetics, and high tech makes this hard to beat.

There are some useful apps being developed for the Gear S2 as well. For example, the Nike+ Running App lets you track your runs, and helps you to achieve your long-term goals. There are other apps for things like drinking water or remembering to get up and move throughout the day, and there’s the e-Remote/Car=-Net app that you can use to access your connected vehicle’s features. There’s also a taxi reservation app, which offers you the option to reserve taxis, with a choice of low cost and premium providers, so you don’t have to worry about your budget.

If you’re not cutting out caffeine, you might find the option to buy and pay for coffee using your watch useful. It saves you looking in your wallet for cards, and it makes the line move that little bit more quickly.

This smart watch is a little more expensive than the average tracker, but it’s worth the price if you think you’ll make use of the phone integration features. If you’re not an Apple fan but want something of similar power and flexibility to the Apple Watch Sport, then this is the perfect option for your Android phone. It doesn’t have quite as many sensors as the Microsoft Band, but the ecosystem of apps makes up for that and makes this a really good choice for people who want something that little bit more powerful and luxurious – a truly advanced and polished intro to the Quantified Self.


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