Is Samsung Gear Fit 2 Waterproof?

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The Gear Fit 2 fitness band was released by the tech giant Samsung. The Gear Fit 2 improves on Samsung’s original product Gear Fit released back in 2014. The new product comes with a lot of improvements and features. A built-in GPS tracker, larger curved display, and the waterproof construction are some of the most important novel features of the Gear Fit 2. The product is designed to conquer the growing market for fitness trackers that is currently dominated by Fitbit. This read offers a comprehensive review of the Samsung Gear Fit 2 Waterproof construction.

The Gear Fit 2 comes with a novel curved AMOLED display of 1.5 inches. The screen resolution is 432 x 216 pixels. The Fit 2 comes with a dual-core CPU, 4GB memory, and 512MB RAM. Bluetooth version 4.2 connects the device to other compatible smartphones. In fact, 4.2 is the latest version of Bluetooth which is quite powerful compared to the older versions. There are many important sensors to track your fitness levels such as a gyroscope, barometer, accelerometer, GPS, and a heart-rate monitor. The Fit 2 also runs Samsung’s Tizen OS similar to Gear Fit. This is the same operating system that is used on all Samsung Smartphones. Hence, the user can get notifications from connected smartphones.

The Fit 2 weighs only an ounce. It consists of a 200mAh battery which you will be able to squeeze 3-4 days the maximum on one charge. Of course, this may depend on how you use the tracker. The device also has an IP68 rating which means the watch could be submerged in five feet of water up to 30 minutes at a time. This makes the Fit 2 one of the best waterproof constructions on the market today. Hence, if you are looking for a fitness tracker for swimming and other water sports activities, you should seriously consider the Gear Fit 2 of Samsung.

I highly recommend buying the Gear Fit 2. Click the image below to check out the latest Gear Fit 2 deal:

The silicone band of the fitness tracker is available in two sizes such as large and small. The band has a discreet texture and comes in tree colors such as blue, black, and magenta. The comfortable silicone band and lightweight body of the watch provide a seamless and comfortable fit. In fact, you will not feel as if you are wearing a fitness tracker. This is what the makers want. They want you to wear the device as long as possible to provide more accurate results. This is another area where the Samsung Gear Fit 2 seems a clear winner compared to most of the other fitness trackers on the market.

The screen of the tracker is scratch resistant, and the silicone band could be swapped in case of damage. The waterproof construction gives the wearer peace of mind when going out in the rain or swimming. They are sure that the fitness tracker is safe under such conditions. This is why you need to purchase the latest Samsung Gear Fit 2 waterproof fitness tracker.


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