Samsung Gear Fit 3 Release Date - August 2020

There’s no official word yet on when the Samsung Gear Fit 3 will be available. However, since the Gear Fit2 has been a success and the smartwatch/fitness tracker market is booming, it is logical to assume that they are already working on the Gear Fit 3.

There was about a 2 year difference in release dates between the Samsung Gear Fit and the Gear Fit 2. The Gear Fit 2 came out in Mid 2016, so we can naturally conclude that the Gear Fit 3 will come out in Mid 2018. However, they may make a push for Christmas 2017.

I highly recommend buying the Gear Fit 2 while you wait for the Gear Fit 3 to come out (it’s going to be a while!). Click the image below to check out the latest Gear Fit 2 deal:

Here’s a few videos of the Gear Fit 2 to hold you over until we get more information on the Gear Fit3


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