Is the Polar M600 really Waterproof? - July 2019

Polar M600 Waterproof Smartwatch Overview - July 2019

The Polar M600 is an Android powered waterproof smartwatch. It also serves as a fitness tracker. You can track stats such as how long you sleep, how many calories you take in, and other important aspects of your day including the distance you walk and how many steps you’ve taken. This device can pair with a myriad of Android apps, and most importantly, it allows you to enjoy the best of the Android Wear and Polar sport functionality and features. In a world where smartwatches are going to become more and more the norm, this serves as a promising alternative to the likes of the Apple Watch.

The Polar M600 can be used in a multitude of ways. This is the sort of device that caters to your taste in as many ways as possible. It even has variable power options. For instance, you can opt to keep the display on at all times so that it’s up and ready to go every single time you look down at it, just like a traditional watch. Or, you can set it to turn on based on a gesture such as raising your forearm or turning your wrist so that you can save your battery life. With the latter setting, you can enjoy as much as two full days of battery power without the need to recharge.

One of the most impressive features of the Polar M600 is its IPX8 water resistant certification. As mentioned above, this means the device is fully waterproof. You can continue to wear it while you shower or bathe, and it will also work when you’re swimming. This is especially useful when paired with the sport tracking features if you happen to be a swimmer or are taking up the activity as an exercise. You can easily keep track of your laps and time with this, and store your stats for later review. It’s immensely helpful in many regards.

Similarly, there’s a heart rate monitor built right in. That’s perfect for those that aren’t the app installing types. You can still keep track of your basic health, especially while exercising. The sensor works based off of 6 LED lights which help assure the accuracy of the readings. Other devices with this feature have been known to give skewed results, especially in situations where there’s any bright light around.

Ultimately, that only scratches the surface. With the Polar M600, you’ll be able to enjoy all of the features that you should expect from a smartwatch, and the full Android compatibility is a fantastic selling point. This is easily one of the top competitors against the Apple Watch right now. Its retail price of just over $300 is more than fair when considering all of the core features, and it even has appealing aesthetics on top of it all. These sort of devices will only become more common as time marches on. If you’ve been interested to jump on board the bandwagon, this is a fine way to start.


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