Polar M600 Features - July 2019

A Look at the Polar M600 Features - July 2019

The Polar M600 is a practical and effective heart rate monitor that you can wear on your wrist. This useful device can be used to monitor your workouts, and add accuracy to your day-to-day monitoring as well, so you can track things like heart rate variability and identify whether or not you are over-training.

The Polar M600 is a feature-packed device with a lot to offer. It is waterproof, and it can be used to track not just your heartrate, but also your steps, distance travelled, calories burned, how long you slept for, and the sleep quality.

The Polar M600 has a very long battery life considering the feature set and the fact that it can connect to Android devices. It lasts for two full days on a single charge.

There are more than 100 sport profiles for you to choose from so that you can get the best results when you are tracking your sporting activity. These profiles will give you more accurate ideas about how many calories you are burning – since for things like weightlifting, just counting the increase in heart rate is unlikely to be accurate, and full-body exercises likely burn more calories than exercises that just rely on moving the arms – but if the motion sensor is on the arms, you’ll get skewed readings for exercises that require a lot of movement.

Heart-rate based training is very easy to log and track with the M600. The app will help you to track your sleep time and sleep quality, track changes in heart rate, see trends, and understand where you should be aiming your heart rate to get the best results.

As a wrist-based wearable, it’s more convenient than a chest strap. You can wear it all day, and then get insights into your resting heartrate and heart rate variability.

The GPS is fast and accurate, and makes this a great tool for joggers, cyclists, and triathletes. The device is also waterproof up to 10 meters, so you can indeed wear it while you are swimming.

Sadly, wrist based heart rate monitors aren’t perfect – but, since you can connect this to an H7 sensor you can get pretty accurate readings anyway. This is a great tool for people who want to chart and graph everything, and you can check your stats on the go using your mobile phone.

The Polar M600 is based on Google’s Android Wear platform, and it can be used with Android phones as well as iOS devices. You will most likely find that the user experience, and battery life, is better with Android than with iOS, however.

The device is constantly being updated with new features, and the software is always improving. Polar have a lot of expertise in the world of fitness and heart rate monitoring, unlike many of the other new entrants to this space, so if you’re looking for something fast, stable and fun to use, and that will give accurate results, give it a try.


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