Polar M600 - July 2020

A Look at the Polar M600 - July 2020

The Polar M600 is an Android Wear wristwatch with heart rate monitoring features as well as other fitness tracking features. It is a handy, easy to use a device that offers GPS, sleep tracking, step counting and more, and that can sync with both Android phones and iOS devices.

The watch is comfortable to wear, and is waterproof too, meaning it is one of the few choices that are suitable for triathletes who want to be able to monitor the whole of their training.

The Polar M600 has a two-day battery life when paired with an Android device, and will last for longer un-paired. You can wear it for short periods, or wear it to bed and get reports of how long you slept and the sleep quality too.

While it’s just a heart-rate monitor with step tracking and GPS built-in, the software makes it so much more useful than that because it has more than 100 profiles for calculating calorie burn from the exercises. Considering that other fitness trackers are glorified pedometers, this is a very useful feature.

The Polar M600 can be linked up with a chest strap based heart rate monitor, which is a good idea if you want to make sure that you get accurate results.

You can make your profiles for different sports so that you only see the information that you need for those sports to save you time and help you focus your training.

The Polar M600 can be used with the Polar Flow service, to record information about every training session so that you can monitor your progress, and plan your training as efficiently as possible.

The M600 is a big step up compared to the M400 regarding battery life, screen quality, and features. There are a few changes to the software, some of which have gone down well in the community, but some of which have not. For example, the M600 shows the max and average hear rate, and calories burned, but it does not show the percentage of time that was spent in the “fat burning zone” as a default feature – although this could be a good thing since that old feature is of questionable value given that the “fat burning zone” is something of a simplification.

This is a good watch, and it’s a nice example of what the new Android wearables can do. It is good both for serious athletes, and for people who are just trying to learn about how to get fit and understand their day to day habits. The sleep tracking feature shows you how long you sleep for each night and could reassure you that you are getting enough sleep – or be the reminder you need that you do have to try to get to bed a little earlier. Believe it or not, getting enough sleep will make a huge difference to your performance in whatever sport you practice – and make you more productive at work too.


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