Pebble Time 2 GPS - August 2019

Unfortunately, the Pebble Time 2 does not have GPS built in. The benefit to this is that the battery life lasts much longer and it is likely that your phone already has GPS.

I personally, don’t find a big need for the GPS on my smart watches, but I’m not a runner. I do cycle, but am not into tracking my rides and exactly where I go.

The Pebble Core does have built in GPS if you really need it and want to stick with Pebble’s style and sense of function (I’m a big function over form guy).

Here’s a list of the Pebble Time 2’s official features:

  • Larger e-paper color display
  • Stainless steel body
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Automatic Step Tracker
  • Sleep Tracker
  • Built-in Microphone
  • Music Control
  • Up to 10 days of battery
  • Over 10,000 Apps & Watchfaces
  • Water resistant to 30 meters


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