Fossil Q Wander Review - April 2020

Fossil Q Wander Review

The Fossil Q Wander maintains the usual Fossil Q smartwatch style in the sense that it looks more like a traditional watch than a smartwatch. However, The Fossil Q Wander has a more feminine twist to the design. Therefore, this device may be particularly appealing to women.

The Fossil Q Wander is one of the first smartwatches to run Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 2100 chip, which uses 25% less power than its previous processors. However, the battery life still doesn’t ‘wow’ us; it lasts for about one full day. This means it likely needs to be charged every night, which can make its sleep tracking feature rather useless. The charger is pretty cool; it’s magnetic and attaches to the bottom of the watch.

It’s quite large for a smartwatch, with a 45mm case size and a thickness of 13.5mm. The Fossil Q Wander comes in a silicone band, but can be equipped with leather and stainless steel straps. The watch has a smooth, circular design. The lugs, which curve downwards, props the watch slightly up on the wrist and gives off a unique appearance.

It’s pretty clear that most of the Fossil Q smartwatches have a strong focus on appearance, while fitness tracking is perhaps less of a priority (when compared to other smartwatches). The bulkiness, lack of a heart-rate monitor, and luxurious bands may discourage you from wearing the Fossil Q Wander during tough exercises. While it is certainly capable of various kinds of fitness tracking, there are smartwatches out there that are far more fitness-oriented in both function and design.

The Fossil Q Wander is compatible with both Android and iOS, which is always good. It has a built-in microphone and speaker; it can complete a variety of tasks via voice command. The mic and speaker also enables you to speak on the phone via the Fossil Q Wander! However, the speaker is not very loud, which means phone calls may be limited to quieter environments.

All in all, it’s not a bad smartwatch. While its features are kind of in the ‘not showing off, not falling behind’ category, there are plenty of people that are drawn to the design. Check it out for yourself!




For more info on the Fossil Q Wander, watch the video below:


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