How long is battery life on the Fossil Q Wander - April 2020

The battery life for the Fossil Q Wander is about 1 day, but that depends on usage.

If you want to maximize battery life, you can  try:

  • Changing to a different watch face
    • Some watch faces, especially those with animations or interactive abilities, use up more battery than others.
  • Adjust screen brightness
    • The brighter your watch screen, the more battery your watch will use. Turn down your watch screen brightness to save power.
  • Turn off notifications you don’t need
  • Turn on theater mode
    • For desperate occasions, turn on theater mode in order to turn off the display and notifications.
  • Uninstall apps
    • If you recently installed an app and notice that your battery is draining faster than normal, try uninstalling that app.
  • Limit Wi-Fi use
    • If your watch is Wi-Fi enabled, you can save battery life by adjusting the amount of time your watch can use Wi-Fi.
  • Turn off “Always On” feature
    • Turn off the “Always on” screen feature to save battery life. If set to turn off, the screen will turn on when you turn your wrist or touch the screen.


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