What is the Battery Life of the Fossil Q Marshal? - July 2020

What is the Battery Life of the Fossil Q Marshal?

The Fossil Q Marshal has a battery life of about 1 day, which is in the lower average for smartwatches. However, this is fine, as long as you aren’t trying to track your sleep, because you simply need to toss it on the charger each night before bed. Besides, the Fossil Q Marshal probably isn’t the kind of smartwatch that you want to track your sleep with anyways; it’s bulky, which can make sleeping with it a hassle.

While many smartwatches have better battery lives, there are few that can last over 2 days, which means most smartwatches need to be charged every night anyways. Therefore, the battery life of the Fossil Q Marshal shouldn’t be more of a nuisance than most other smartwatches out there.

Check out this battery life review:



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