What kind of Apps does the Fossil Q Marshal have? - July 2020

What kind of Apps does the Fossil Q Marshal have?

The Fossil Q Marshal has many apps. This list includes Hangouts, Google Maps, and Spotify. The big thing, however, is that the Fossil Q Marshal can install the Android Wear apps. Android Wear has a myriad of apps available. You can get your Android Wear app from the Google Play Store by typing “Android Wear” into the search bar and selecting the “Android Wear App”.

Check out the kinds of things you can do with the Android Wear app from the video below:

The watch features certain built-in apps like the Agenda ,which syncs with your calendar, Fit ,which tracks your steps, alarm, flashlight ,makes screen brighter to use as a light, Fossil Q app ,to select new watch faces, Google


Here is good video about this watch:


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