Fitbit Blaze VS Samsung Gear Fit 2 - April 2019

Fitbit Blaze VS Samsung Gear Fit 2: Which One Is Better? - April 2019

Fitness trackers are increasing in popularity as people realize that they are incredibly useful tools for creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. While the company Fitbit has been dominating the fitness tracking industry for some time, Samsung is not far behind.  Here is a comparison between two of their products — the Fitbit Blaze and the Samsung Gear Fit 2.

One of the main (and most obvious) differences between these two fitness trackers is their appearance. The Fitbit Blaze resembles a smartwatch while the Gear Fit 2 looks more like a band. The Gear Fit 2 is designed like a traditional fitness tracker, where as the Fitbit Blaze is more versatile in the sense that it can be worn in a formal setting (depending on which band you put on it).

The Gear Fit 2 is lighter at 1.06 ounces compared to the 1.55-ounce design of the Fitbit Blaze. Another salient feature of the Gear Fit 2 is the microUSB port, which the Fitbit Blaze lacks. In order to charge the Fitbit Blaze, it must be removed and placed in a charging cradle. However, it should be noted that the Fitbit Blaze can last for five days from a single charge, so it needs to be charged less frequently.

Both products connect to phones and other devices via their versions of Bluetooth. The Gear Fit 2 uses the latest Bluetooth 4.2 while the Fitbit Blaze uses Bluetooth 4.0. Bluetooth 4.2 is faster and powerful compared to version 4.0. They are also both compatible with iOS and Android phones.

The Fibit Blaze and the Samsung Gear Fit 2 are both somewhat water and dust resistant. The Gear Fit 2 comes with an IP68 rating ,which means it should be fine in the rain. However, Samsung doesn’t recommend having the device on your wrist while swimming. Although the Fitbit Blaze declines to provide the official rating, it is most likely similar to that of the Gear Fit 2. In other words, sweat and rain shouldn’t harm it, but swimming with it is not a good idea.

We’ve already mentioned that the Fitbit Blaze has a battery life of about five days, which is slightly superior to the Samsung Gear Fit 2. The Gear Fit 2 comes with a 200mAh battery which will last for 3-4 days.

Fitness tracking is another important feature to consider. The Gear Fit 2 offers fitness tracking sensors such as a barometer, heart-rate monitor, gyroscope, and an accelerometer. The Blaze doesn’t have the gyroscope and barometer. Instead, they have included an altimeter and ambient light sensor.

Both these devices have their pros and cons, so deciding on which to buy really depends on the person. If you’re looking for a fitness oriented smartwatch, then the Fitbit Blaze is more likely to satisfy you. However, you may find that the Gear Fit 2 functions better as a fitness tool, so if that’s your first priority, you may lean more in the direction of Samsung.

Check out the video below for more help deciding:


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