Best Smartwatch for 2017 - August 2020

I’ve purchased and tested 7 smartwatches and fitness trackers at this point (in no particular order):

  1. Samsung Gear Fit 2
  2. Fitbit Charge 2
  3. Fitbit Flex 2
  4. Fitbit Blaze
  5. Samsung Gear S3
  6. Asus Zenwatch 3
  7. Pebble 2 (Don’t buy this one!)

I will be purchasing and testing about 2 or 3 more every month for all of 2017.  I will update this post as data and testing comes in.

1 stands above the rest by leaps and bounds — The Samsung Gear S3 has all the features I want from all the other smartwatches and fitness trackers and more.  The Gear S3 is, so far, the best smartwatch in 2017.  That may change — especially if the Gear S4 comes out this year!  So, I will change this post if another watch beats it out.

Below is an incomplete list of several reasons why the Gear S3 crushes the competition:

  • Excellent battery life @ 3-4 days.
  • IP 68 resistance ==> waterproof beyond 1 meter.  This is better than all smartwatches I tested other than the very poorly made Pebble 2
  • Unique rotating bezel makes it smoother, faster, and easier to use than all the rest.  This might be the best feature.
  • Talk on the phone through my watch.  No other smartwatch that I tested can do this.  And it works well.
  • It has all the same fitness features in any other device — step tracking, heart rate monitor (a bit weak, however), sleep tracking, workout tracking, food/water tracking
  • Respond to texts via voice to text.  Other smartwatches can do this, but the Gear S3 works the best and smoothest.
  • This is the only watch that makes calls in a reasonably practical way
  • It works with Android and iPhone (stoopid Apple Watches)
  • …and more

So, if you’re in the market for a high quality smartwatch, then get the Gear S3 and don’t look back!



Some videos to give you more information: