Is the Apple Watch Sport Waterproof? - February 2019

Is the Apple Watch Sport Waterproof? - February 2019

The Apple Watch Sport has attracted a lot of attention recently, with people talking about the features, and testing it to see how ‘indestructible’ it is.

Apple themselves say that the watch is ‘water resistant’, but don’t go as far as calling it completely waterproof. That hasn’t deterred bloggers from trying their luck, though. One Australian, who does video blogs for FoneFox, decided to put the watch through some tests – and they were surprised by the results.

They tried giving the watch a splash test and found that it was perfectly capable of surviving that. So, they upped the ante and took a shower with the watch, and found that it was still fine. OK, it can survive splashes and showers, but what about being fully submerged in water? To test that, they tried dunking it in a bucket of water. It survived short immersion without any difficulties.

Now, the ultimate test – a real swim. They went swimming for 15 minutes in a pool while wearing the watch. It was up to that challenge as well. They stopped just short of testing it with saltwater, but in a swimming pool, it was OK.

While all of that is impressive, it’s important to note that this is not something that Apple advises. If you go swimming with your Apple Watch Sport and it breaks, you’ll probably find that it’s not covered under warranty.

Still, this is all good information. It should give you the peace of mind that if your watch gets wet it’s not going to spontaneously stop working.

The Apple Watch Sport is rated to be water resistant to IPX 7 under IEC standard 60529. This standard dictates that the watch can be submerged up to a depth of 3.3 feet, for 30 minutes. Consumer Reports tested this and found that yes, the Apple Watch Sport can withstand being put under water for 30 minutes. It still worked when it was removed from the water, and it continued to work 24 hours later.

The touch-screen won’t work while the device is under water, but the digital crown does. This means that, in theory, someone could take their watch for a swim and get some use out of it.

However, Apple doesn’t recommend this. They warn that people should keep their watch away from soapy water, shampoo, hair dye, etc. – meaning that you shouldn’t go in the shower with it (unless you don’t intend on cleaning yourself, but that’s your business). They also suggest you keep it away from perfume and sunscreen. Apple’s guidelines say that if you get it wet, you should wipe it dry with a lint-free, soft cloth. The warranty of the Apple Watch Sport is voided if you swim with it, bathe with it, expose it to fast-moving water, or if you bring it into a sauna/steam room.

So, if you forget to take your watch off and hop in the shower, it likely won’t break instantly – but we don’t suggest that you make a habit out of it!


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