4 Amazing Features Of The Apple Watch Sport - February 2019

4 Amazing Features Of The Apple Watch Sport - February 2019

An Apple (Watch Sport) a day keeps the doctor away! If you’re an active person, or would like to become one, than the Apple Watch Sport is for you. Here are four important reasons why:

1. The Apple Sport Monitors Your Heart

Measuring your heart health is an important Apple Watch Sport function, particularly if you have any ongoing cardiac issues. Otherwise, it’s still a highly useful function for anyone, as the information can aid workouts as well as inspire you to improve your heart health. If desired, you can even send the results of your heart monitoring to a friend or family member!

The Apple Watch Sport monitors your heart for the duration of a workout, but it also keeps track of heart activity throughout the day. It records your beating rate every 10 minutes and stores this information in an app. The Apple Watch Sport is a great tool for both monitoring and improving heart health.

2. It Tracks Your Every Step

With an Accelerometer, your Apple Watch Sport can count every single step you take, either on an ongoing basis or for a set period (like on your lunch break, for example). You will then have an accurate account of all the calories burned by taking those steps. This can be motivating for people trying to lose a few pounds, and perfect for people who simply want to keep their caloric intake inline with their burned calories.

3. It Can Even Help You Achieve Goals

Keeping track of progress is an extremely helpful way to stay motivated in an exercise routine. Luckily, the Apple Watch Sport can come with you while you exercise and give you useful information. It logs your workouts, keeping track of the pace, calories burned, and duration. It even can send you brief messages of encouragement! Knowing the details behind each workout, as well as how much you’ve improved, helps to keep you in a consistent workout routine.

You can also set individualized fitness goals, which is another highly useful function of the Apple Watch Sport. When you reach a goal, you’ll receive special badges that will remain in the app to serve as encouragement. This function even allows you to get competitive with friends!

4. The Apple Sport Gets You On Your Feet

One of the coolest features of the Apple Sport helps you combat one of the worst threats to your health: being idle. Doctors and researchers have discovered that staying inactive can lead to many health complications. However, the Apple Watch Sport helps to get you on your feet. It can send you reminders to get up, walk around, and stretch every few minutes. With the watch being right there on your wrist, you’ve got nowhere to hide!

In summary, the Apple Watch Sport is an incredibly useful tool for anyone looking to improve their health.


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