Apple Watch Series 3 Waterproof - July 2020

Apple Watch Series 3 Waterproof

Like the Apple Watch 2, Apple Watch Series 3 is also waterproof. Well, technically ‘water resistant’. That’s how Apple’s terms and conditions prefer to put it, at least. While the Apple Watch 2 is ok to get wet, Apple does warn about certain things that could potentially damage the ‘water resistance’ of the watch.
These include:

  • exposing the watch to soaps, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, etc.
  • subjecting the watch to high velocity water, i.e. wearing it while waterskiing.
  • wearing the watch in a sauna or steam room.

You get the point. The truth is, Apple’s warranty in regards to¬†water damage could be improved. They cover themselves by calling the watch ‘water resistant’ rather than ‘water proof’. Hopefully they will be confident enough to call the Apple Watch Series 3 water proof. We’ll see what happens. Take a look at Apple’s terms and conditions for yourself by following the link below.

While we wait for Apple Watch Series 3, check out this video:


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