Apple Watch Series 3 Review - July 2020

Apple Watch Series 3 Review

While many rumors and requests have surfaced in anticipation for the new Apple Watch Series 3, there is not enough factual information to give a very detailed review. However, we can review what is rumored to be true.

When it comes to appearance, it is rumored that the Apple Watch Series 3 will be more or less the same. That is, if you want it to be. It appears the Apple Watch Series 3 will give more options for the buyer in terms of display. First of all, there are supposedly multiple new wristbands to choose from, including a magnetic wristband that helps keep the watch in place.

Secondly, the Apple Watch Series 3 is rumored to be introducing the option of a circular display. It aims to look more like a traditional watch.

Lastly, there should be a new and improved LED display that will allow for better brightness and higher resolution.

Now that we’ve covered the rumored appearance changes, let’s get into some of the possible new features. These features include, but are not limited to, a front-facing camera, improved battery life, wireless charging, and Touch ID.

While some may not care so much about the addition of a camera or the Qi wireless charging feature, we should all agree that longer battery life and Touch ID are great improvements. A longer battery life would mean the Apple Watch would no longer need to be charged every night, and the addition of Touch ID would save a lot of time that is spent entering the passcode.

As far as appearance goes, you can’t go wrong with more options. We’ll have to see exactly how the circular display looks, and what the new wristbands are like, but something tells me the Apple Watch Series 3 will give people more satisfaction in their watches appearance. With more choices, people are given the freedom to customize the watch more to their liking.

While we wait for Apple Watch Series 3, check out this video:


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