How Long is the Battery Life on Apple Watch Series 3? - July 2020

How Long is the Battery Life on Apple Watch Series 3?

It appears Apple has taken the battery life complaints of the Apple Watch 2 to heart. They have chosen Quanta Computer as the manufacturer for the Apple Watch Series 3, with the highest priority being to improve the watch’s battery efficiency.

Due to the small size of the watch, it’s a difficult task to accomplish. There is even a rumor that the Apple Watch 3 will be slimmer (and the possible addition of a camera doesn’t help the battery life, either). The smaller the watch, the less room for a larger battery. However, where there’s a will, there’s a way, and if Apple is making battery life their first priority, then we can most likely expect a significant battery life improvement in the Apple Watch Series 3.

How much of an improvement? We can’t yet be sure. But with the Apple Watch 2 lasting about 2 days, look for the Apple Watch Series 3 to last in the 3-4 day range, assuming they are able to extend the battery life. This means no more nightly charging!

While we wait for the Apple Watch Series 3, check out this video for some helpful tips on improving battery life:


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