Apple Watch 2 - March 2019

Apple Watch 2

The Apple Watch 2 has added some great improvements since the original Apple Watch. First of all, it is now completely waterproof. Owning valuables that can’t get damaged by water is always a relief. Not only will this protect the watch from the rain or any potential spills, but it also makes it even more convenient to wear.

Another great addition is its very own GPS. The people asked for it, and Apple obliged. Long, spontaneous runs now made even easier knowing that your watch can get you home. Furthermore, the Apple Watch 2 has a much brighter screen, making it more visible in broad daylight or while on the move. This watch is more fitness oriented than the first one.

While it has added some useful tools, the Apple Watch 2 has also maintained many of its regular features, i.e. sleep tracking, alarm clock, and taking incoming calls. It is faster than the original Apple Watch, and it’s battery lifespan is about 2 days. Unfortunately,  it’s is only compatible with the iPhone.




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