Apple Smart Watches - July 2020

Apple Smart Watches

Apple Watch:

The first of its kind!

Apple Watch “Sport” :

Perfect for active people.

Apple Watch 2:

New and improved!

Ironically, the Apple Smart Watch is a piece of technology that is designed to keep you from wasting time with technology! Anyone who has a smart phone knows exactly how much time can be wasted on them. Although incredibly useful, there are just too many times where smart phones suck you in. Checking your phone for text messages can quickly spiral into  10 minutes of scrolling down Instagram.

The truth is, most of the hours we spend per day on our phones are entirely useless. Taking out your phone when there’s not much going on has become a serious habit for many. However, the Apple Smart Watch puts your mind to rest. While wearing an Apple Smart Watch, it is unnecessary to check your phone every 5 minutes. This is because the Apple Smart Watch taps your wrist when you have received a message, email, etc. Also, checking the weather, time, or even measuring your heart rate is now just a quick glance away.  In short, the Apple Smart Watch helps people be far more efficient with their time.


My name is David and I'm a total tech nerd. I always have been and always will be. I've really gotten into smartwatches since they've come out. They show great potential to change our lives almost as much, if not just as much, as smartphones have. I'm also an internet entrepreneur that makes my living via tech. Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you have!